Fury RectanglePardon the mundane-ness of subject matter, but I was pegging bed sheets out on the line today and I was literally blown away by the ‘fury’ of the wind. I talked out ironing last week. Accidentally, I am still on the theme of washing – I guess unless God commissions a ‘house-keeping’ angel for me, the theme won’t be vanishing any time soon. Besides, everything in my life matters. Even the mundane stuff; and I adore hearing God speak through it.

The fury of the wind was breathtaking. I gasped as great gusts filled my ears and nose and mouth, stood my hair on end and attempted to rip the sheets right out of my hand. I dug myself into the lawn, pondering for a moment, knowing the sensible thing would be to go indoors and use the tumble dryer – but actually – I wanted so badly to harness the wind. I hate the tumble dryer. It is such a waste of energy. Such an anticlimax. I love hanging out sheets in the sunshine, the gentle breezes caressing and softening my crumpled sheets, the fresh scent of ‘outdoors’ imbued in dry fibers that I breath in deeply at bedtime when the sheets are back on the bed. The tumble dryer is convenient, sure, but it’s not furious, exhilarating and exciting like the wind. It’s predictable and boring.

Every day we have a choice about how we’re going to get where we’re going. Just like I have drying choices when I face my mountain of housework.

I want to live a ‘Spirit-filled,’ God-energized,’ creative life that has a fruitful return on the gifts God has given me. It’s my responsibility to invest them wisely. The sheets on my washing line remind me of the opportunity we have to ‘hoist’ our hearts before the ‘wind’ of the Holy Spirit, blowing, rushing and filling our lives with the ‘God’s power’ to live furious, exhilarating and exciting Christian lives. It can definitely feel dangerous. The Spirit is unpredictable, powerful, overwhelming and moves without apology or permission (no, he’s not always a gentleman). He is the ‘red hot’ passion of God and He is able to produce the most stunning results, to the greatest effect and in the most beautiful, fragrant way.

In comparison, the tumble dryer reminds of a sedentary Christian life that is pre-packed and spoon fed. You know the kind I mean. Where we tick the ‘I turned up to church,’ box Depending on what we’ve done before to get ‘results.’ Making assumptions about what God wants to do. When God unleashed His awesome, never seen before, creativity upon the heavens and the earth, he allowed the Holy Spirit to brood over its formless, emptiness. Then followed a volcano spitting, sea surging, ‘furious’ frolic of creative inventiveness which even now unfolds, unleashes and expresses itself to the Glory of God.

Pardon me again! I believe when we ‘step out of the boat’ it gets exhilarating and unfamiliar; but I really don’t think I could cope with my walk with God being any other way. When I went out to check on my sheets. One was completely dry. The other blown right across the garden and pasted against the hedge. Oops! Never mind about that.

Please check out the amazing Bethel worship song, ‘You Make me Brave.’ I have probably sung it a hundred times this year as I step out of my own place of comfort, into the ‘wind and the waves.’ It will encourage you immensely.


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