Best Mates and Best Mates Too!

Best Mates and Best Mates Too!

Best Mates £6.99
Best Mates Too £6.99
Ages: 4 – 9 years.

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Written by Bob Hartman
Illustrated by Mark Beech
Published by Authentic Media

Susie says…
Bob Hartman and I have been a paired-up together, story-and-pictures team – like ‘cheese and crackers,’ ‘peanut butter and jelly’ – since our earliest careers. And it has been a fun, exhilarating ride. Since illustrating his breakthrough Lion Storyteller Bible and the four sister titles that followed, we have been cooking up books in all shapes and sizes, depending on the market, slipping through doors and banging on windows!

Bob was struggling to find a home for his cheeky, irreverent take on Jesus and his followers, when he approached me to see what I could do. Sniggering nervously (because they are so very rude) I could see that a ‘Quentin Blake-ish’ treatment would work well and sourced the illustrator Mark Beech to cook up some suitably irreverent characters. Mark was terrific! The books worked a treat! They quickly created a new genre in the inspirational market that has established itself well.

PS: I don’t always approve of Bob’s naughtiness but who am I to stand in his way!

Please contact me if you are looking for an art director to bring a brave, fresh and stylish look to your fledgling book project.

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