Price: £5.99
Ages: 3 – 7 years.
Written by Bob Hartman
Illustrated by Susie Poole

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Susie says…
Bob is so passionate about this title. I love that he wanted to put flesh and bone onto our understanding of heaven and what it looks like. He had been reading Tom Wright’s book on heaven and was so inspired by it. I loved the idea of incorporating a real tapestry in the telling of this story and collaborated with my friend Lesley who took Bob’s ideas and brought them so vividly to life.

My work was evolving into a collage of acrylic, watercolour and photographs – and so we used Lesley’s house as the backdrop to the story, as well as incorporating outdoor scenes from where we both lived. Wonderful!

This was an incredibly collaborative project and so the book has a depth to it that few others have. So many layers that can be drawn upon as Bob goes about his storytelling gigs in the future.

Please contact me if you are looking for a Creative Director who will bring a collaborative, responsive and inventive quality to your book project.

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Review by Westerhill
‘A beautiful story which is so apt for children who have lost a close relative. Very moving for adults as well.’

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