Daisy Day

Daisy Day

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Ages: 3 – 7 years. Hardback. 34pp.

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Susie says…
Scarlet and Peach are going to a wedding! There’s lots to get ready and Mummy is very busy. When Scarlet sprinkles the confetti into ‘Smudge’ the mouse’s cage, Mummy is cross and sends her into the garden. But the garden is full of daisies and Peach, her ‘always knows best cat’ has an idea. What looks like a disaster – soon turns into something good.

This book and its sister title are constructed with a unique storytelling style.

Daisy Day can be read simply as a story about a little girl and her super special cat or, by using the Bible verse quoted at the beginning of the book and tying it in at the conclusion of the story, it can effectively demonstrate just how involved God wants to be in our lives and what the Bible teaches about how to look for him. You get to choose how deep you go. Simple!

If you’re looking for something fresh and dynamic – these books are it!

Useful for religious education as they look in on how faith works.

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