First Word Heroes

First Word Heroes

Ages: 2 – 5 years.
Creatively Directed by Susie Poole
Originated by pupfish

Not currently available as book product
Publishers – Global rights available!


These books are ‘pack-a-punch’ full of fun!

Teaming Julie Clayden’s daring text with Angela Joliffe’s bright, bold and breezy illustrations these books are ‘sweet-shop-licious’ and utterly irresistible. Using a ‘word-per-page’ storytelling technique, the First Word Heroes series is perfect for children who can’t turn the pages fast enough, accessible for early readers and ideal for grown-ups who love to fill in the gaps!

4 stories about 4 extraordinary Bible heroes that boys and girls will love.

A full re-telling of the story (incorporating the words throughout the book) add to the effectiveness of these titles.

Like all of our Pupfish originated titles, the First Word Hero series remains market fresh, relevant and full of potential for a whole new generation of readers.

Previously published in:

USA/Penton (2004) 16,000 units
USA/Books Are Fun (2004) 1,200 units
Netherlands/Ark Boeken (2004) 8,000 units
UK/Pupfish (2004) 18,800 units
South Africa/CUM (2005) 24,000 units
Denmark/Unitas (2005) 8,000 units
Portugal/Paulus (2006) 8,000 units
Sweden/Libris (2006) 3,000 units
Norway/Lunde (2006) 4,000 units
Korea/KCBS (2006) licensed

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