God Helps You

God Helps You

Published in UK as Even If

Ages: 3 – 7 years. Hardback. 7 ‘gatefold’ flaps. 16pp.
Creatively Directed by Susie Poole
Originated by Pupfish

Not currently available as book product
Publishers – Global rights available!

George is learning that he’s not the only one with big challenges. Some of his favourite Bible characters had them too. George gets help from their stories – hidden under the gatefold flaps! Children will love matching the story to the Bible character, learning as they play.

This is a highly original and fresh ‘gate-fold’ title that is by no means past its sell by date. This, and its sister title God Knows You, have outstanding credentials for a book product required to hold its own in both the secular and inspirational market.

Previously pulblished in:
United Kingdom/Pupfish (2006) 2,000 units
Malta/Merlin Library (2006) 3,000 units
Norway/Lunde Forlag (2006) 2,500 units
USA/Zondervan (2007) 6,000 units
Portugal/Prinicpia Editoria (2008) 3,000 units
Italy/San Paolo (2008) 5,000 units
USA/Scholastic (School Fairs) 10,000 units

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