The Amazing Journey

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The Amazing Journey

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Ages: 4 – 9 years.

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Susie says…
This book is a life-changer! It is God’s BIG story condensed into one picture book with everything your child needs to know packed in. I remember reading a pile of significant tomes to get the theology spot on, whilst my heart was bursting full of the good news of the gospel.

God’s intention has always been for us to have life to the full. So the story starts at the beginning – creation, where life is breaking forth everywhere! But a heart-breaking event takes place that changes everything. And death enters our world. So Jesus, God’s most precious treasure, leaves his amazing home in heaven and comes to rescue us, so that just like the plants and trees in the Spring time, we can come back to life too!

Please read this book – discover the heart of God and his plan for you and pass it on to your friends. It is indeed an Amazing Journey!

American edition – Hardback – includes ‘parent connection’


Review by Amanda
‘The artwork is beautiful and the story is true to the original. As a Christian mother and a Sunday school teacher, I am very pleased with this product.’

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