A Christmas Journey

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A Christmas Journey

[/vc_column_text][dt_gap height=”20″][vc_column_text]Paperback Price: £4.99
Hardback Price: £10.99
Ages: 4 – 9 years. 44pp.

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Susie says…
I was singing an Amy Grant song in the shower, called ‘Breath of Heaven’, and the awesomeness of Mary’s story, an ordinary Jewish girl, caught up in the grip of God’s great plan, just overwhelmed me. The kernel of the idea started life as a stage show musical that I went on to write with some friends that year – but the impact of the story stayed with me. In its re-telling, the Christmas Story can so often lose its meaning – I wanted to reveal, once again, the heart of God in sending Jesus as a baby, at Christmas time, to rescue His lovely ones – you and me!

We like to light a candle in a dark room and read it, page by page, towards Christmas. A lovely way to get ready for the celebrations. Perhaps you could try that too?

American edition – Hardback – includes ‘parent connection’


Review by Emma Greenhough
‘A Christmas Journey by Susie Poole combines delightful, friendly illustrations with extremely powerful text. Children of ages 4–10 will love the charming, cheery pictures A Christmas Journey and, along with the grown-ups reading with them, gain so much more than just another Christmastime story as they journey through history and explore God’s great purposes.’

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